End User Computing

Making IT awesome by providing your staff with computing devices to work from anywhere, anytime.

As the workplace becomes more flexible and businesses begin to move away from exclusively nine-to-five office based activities, dynamic businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Employees therefore need to be able to use their devices as an extension of their workplace desktop, with all the same networks, data and services without compromising on security or support.

Virtunet can help create client computing solutions that allow seamless integration across on and off-site devices, increasing flexibility and productivity, while maintaining IT infrastructure, security, compliance and governance.


Virtunet Gold Star Productivity and Mobility range
Product suite that takes advantage of the cloud
Set up your local wired and wireless networks for maximum efficiency and security
Secure Virtunet Customer Portal which gives you access to all your IT asset information safely
Provision of all products and accessories required to set up your mobility solution


Increase workplace flexibility
Reduce overheads and expenses
Increase efficiency of off-site work
Highly secure mobile computing

Want to make your IT awesome?



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