Apple in Education

3 out of 4 teachers believe students learn best when they have the ability to creatively express themselves.

Recently, Virtunet partnered with Apple to present an exclusive two-part Education Series for schools looking to discover the benefits of Apple devices for classrooms. Part 1 of the series introduced Apple’s vision for learning with iPad and Mac whilst Part 2 outlined the ease of Deploying & Managing Apple in Education.

As a technology provider with over 40 years experience with educators, Apple is a brand to be trusted when it comes to their potential to unleash collaborative, creative, connected and personalised learning through Macs and iPads. 

Parents want their children to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with the ability to apply new knowledge to the real world. This is why Apple empowers teachers and students alike to be inspired by diverse tools in an adaptable learning environment through technology.

From a versatile range of built- in apps and features such as mark-up and screenshot, safari reader ensuring focused studying, and immersive context delivered by augmented reality, the possibilities are endless when exploring digital learning with the iPad or Mac. With a hands-on approach to ensure every student can become inquisitive, curious thinkers, Apple keeps students engaged, and focused no matter what the classroom looks like.

Fortunately, It’s never been easier to put Apple technology in the hands of students and teachers regardless of whether you have a one-to-one or shared-use learning environment. With Apple School manager and Jamf MDM, teachers can seamlessly configure their devices with settings, restrictions and content to give students access to Education focused apps, books and resources for their learning.

Every individual has their own way of learning and expressing themselves. This is why the Mac and iPad continue to succeed in transforming the teaching and learning and environment through innovation and creativity, bringing the biggest ideas to life.



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