BYOD Here To Stay

What is BYOD

It is of no surprise that a vast majority of business owners are tired of the expenses associated with providing IT for their employees.  So, what can you do about it?  A solution definitely worth considering is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which could substantially reduce the costs associated with supporting users and increase overall respect for IT equipment by employees, but may involve a revaluation of how the data centre is designed and operated.

The BYOD concept becomes viable entirely because of the modern data centre. Modern data centre’s do much more than simply store data and run programs; they execute applications.  Due to this new paradigm of application execution, it is possible for access to the data centre to be accepted from many different devices.   Traditionally PC’s needed substantial power from their processor or specific chip sets to run programs, today the user simply requires means to access the enterprise data centre.


Advantages of BYOD

BYOD has it’s many befits but a few more significant ones include:

  • BYOD businesses have advantages over competitors. A clear example of this, BYOD programs shift costs to the user. With the worker paying for most, or all of the costs for the hardware, voice or data services, and other associated expenses, companies save a lot of money — as much as $80 per month per user.  “50 precent of companies with BYOD models are requiring employees to cover all costs — and they are happy to do so.” ( as stated by the Good Technology State of BYOD report)
  • Worker Satisfaction is the second significant benefit to arise from the BYOD platform. Users have smartphones and laptops they have for a reason whether it be because the device is more attractive or prettier, they are using devices they want to use and would much rather use rather than being stuck with the devices forced upon them by the IT department.
  • BYOD devices have a tendency to be more cutting edge, so the organisation itself reaps the benefit of the latest features and capabilities available on the market. Users are also free to regularly upgrade to the latest hardware a lot more frequently than the extremely slow upgrade cycle most organisations have in place.

Where to Start

The best place to start on your journey to BYOD is to stop by the Virtunet BYOD solution Here. Still struggling to cope with the abundant amount of freedom BYOD can give? Get in contact with a Virtunet consultant and they will get you BYOD ASAP!



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