IBM LGP Partner

Virtunet selected as an IBM Partner for LGP306

Local Government News – Special Announcement

IBM utilises partners to enhance its distribution to NSW councils


Local Government Procurement advises NSW councils that IBM Australia Limited officially sought to add selected IBM partners and this has been approved as an amendment to its Standing Offer Deed to LGP306.

After due diligence Virtunet is now officially recognised as providers of IBM goods and services under LGP306.

Better outcomes for Local Government through professionally managed procurement solutions for local councils.

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has been established to provide a fully integrated procurement service to councils and associated organisations in NSW. From October 2008 LGP also has the ability to assist Not for Profit Groups across Australia with their procurement needs. LGP was established by the Local Government and Shires Associations of New South Wales on behalf of its members to create a procurement operation dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Local Government.

The bulk supply arrangements established by LGP are developed with the valued input of the end users: councils. These arrangements are not a “one size fits all” approach, rather a coordinated effort to supply councils with the goods and services they need.

For Councils
Local Government Procurement represents the needs of councils with suppliers as well as providing extensive procurement, tendering and contract management support. There are no joining or annual fees to utlise the contracts established by LGP. Councils may also utilise LGP to conduct tenders on their behalf, on a fee for service basis, reducing their risk and ensuring that the process follows best practice principles.

For Suppliers
Local Government Procurement seeks to forge strong business relationships with suppliers who meet the varied needs of councils in NSW. We work with committed suppliers interested in providing quality goods and services to councils at the best possible pricing.

For Not for Profit Groups
Local Government Procurement can provide Not for Profit Groups an array of existing relevant contracts that will meet NFP’s varying needs.



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