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We’ve got you covered for all your education and school IT solutions, iPads, Tablets, Chromebooks, Projectors IP Surveillance solutions and other student and school technology needs

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Virtunet works to supply private and public educational institutions around Australia with all their IT requirements.

Tailored to meet the needs of each individual school, Virtunet Education offers a wide selection of products and solutions including Chromebooks, Google management consoles, notebooks, desktops, tablets, servers, networking, security cameras, projectors, notebook and tablet security, VOIP and many more – all from the best brands.

1:1 Purchasing Portal

Virtunet can assist school staff and parents to order and pay for IT equipment for your students. We can tailor and customise your school portal with solutions/products provided to suit your school and student needs.

Confused with what you need or what the best solutions are? We can provide expert advice on everything from teacher professional development to application deployment, volume licensing, mobile file and device management to enhance the overall student experience.

Whether it’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or CYOD (Chose Your Own Device), we have a team of education specialist who are passionate in helping you with your educational needs.

We help schools manage the full end to end process of integrating the latest technology to facilitate and enable the education of students to maximise their potential. We specialise in:

Project Management
Student LMS
Curriculum Management
BYOD issues
Wi-Fi networks
Mobile device management
Security and data syncing
Professional Development & Training

Case Study

Georges River Grammar upgrades wireless network for BYOD

Using Virtunet’s primary partner HP, Georges River Grammar completed its network transformation including switches, controllers and access points.

1:1 iPad & Tablets Program

Virtunet can help your school create and manage 1:1 iPad & Tablets Program of any size.

Our 1:1 iPad & Tablets Programs are unique and are personalised and tailored to your school and students requirements. We can help with a pilot program (on a small scale to trial the effectiveness) or if your school is ready – a full scale roll-out that includes configuration, deployment and support iOS /Andriod devices through the use of proven mobility solutions.

Why chose Virtunet for 1:1 iPad & Tablets Program?

Competitive pricing for volume iPad/Samsung purchases

Customised parent purchasing portals for BYOD programs

Extensive range of 3rd party accessories and bundles

Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration


Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome Operating System (OS), comes with multiple layers of security, built-in cloud storage, and the most popular Google products for education built-in.

Virtunet has partnered with a number of leading manufacturers of Chromebooks including Samsung, HP, Acer and Lenovo.

Laptops for Schools

Virtunet understands the challenges schools face in transforming education with new models of teaching, learning, and collaboration whilst managing cost efficiency and security.

Virtunet can help schools choose the right device and solution for both teachers and students to ensure the best learning outcomes. At Virtunet we have partnered with a number of leading manufacturers of laptops including HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Dell & Asus.

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Targus Laptop Bag

Education Protection

At Virtunet we believe if it’s worth having it’s worth protecting. We have a range of security and protection solutions that will ensure your devices are protected, data secured and surveillance technology for schools to monitor and ensure the safety of the teachers and students.

Why chose Virtunet for protection, security and surveillance?

Partner with the best brand on data security and prevent access to inappropriate material for students and staff 

Increase productivity and safety while deterring vandalism and violence on school grounds

Low maintenance, easy to operate and access

Built strong and superior protection for laptops with Targus

AV Integration & Video Conferencing

We understand the importance and powers of AV integration and video conferencing in the classroom for helping schools achieve the best out of their students. Breakthrough the barriers to teaching and learning at your school with the latest AV and video technology.


Education Sync and Charge

At Virtunet we know from our experience that a successful 1:1 iPad & Tablet program is more than just hardware and deployment. Success comes from providing convenience to students by using sync and charge accessories to streamline and improve storage and accessibility to devices.


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