Lunch & Learn Experience Wrap-Up

Virtunet kicked off its 2018 Lunch and Learn event series with a totally new approach. Opting to work with two different venues and bringing in an element of role playing, there was a certain risk being taken on how smooth the event would run. As it turns out, the risk was worth the reward. One of our most successful lunch and learn events to date, this was certainly one that will be remembered by all in attendance.

At around mid-day on the 15th of March, our guests began arriving at the HP Customer Welcome Centre. Upon arrival, everyone was greeted with a little intro about the day and given a character card. Each character card had 1 of 6 personas that would send each person on a security based journey throughout the centre. Some people were IT managers whose companies were hit by ransomware, others were government officials looking to keep themselves scandal free. We even had an architect looking for innovative design solutions using virtual reality. Everyone had a part to play. The goal of the event was to give our guests an opportunity to see their businesses security through a different lens. Each person had an opportunity to learn about how both Sophos and HP can help keep their business more secure from the advanced features of HP’s new visual security to the overall protection of Sophos Central.

Character Cards pic

Once everyone had a chance to experience their business security in a new way, it was time to head over to the Postales Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar for lunch. With sangria on all the tables and tapas being served, our guests were treated to a presentation by Sophos’ David Sykes who talked about the security landscape today and the importance of keeping your business up to date in regards to the security measures in place especially with the new regulations coming out regarding the Data Breach Notification Scheme as well as the new GDPR regulations.

Overall, our guests got to experience a Virtunet Lunch and Learn like nothing we have ever done before. Rather than just sitting through presentation and after presentation, our guests got to interact and fully immerse themselves in the software and hardware that can help improve their business security.

Thank you to both HP and Sophos for being a part of this experience and helping to provide our guests with the best experience on offer.





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