Roundtable 2019 Experience Wrap Up

On 24 July 2019, over 40 guests and IT delegates from different industries come to Virtunet’s Roundtable 2019 to share their ideas around emerging technology trends, including Security, Digital Transformation and User Experience, and how these technologies are shaping their businesses.

Attendees arrived Sofitel Sydney at around mid-day and were greeted by our friendly team members at the Champagne Bar. Our sponsors – Lenovo, Malwarebytes, Riverbed and LogMeIn set up product showcases in front of the spectacular view of Darling Harbour. Attendees were able to experience the latest technologies from our sponsors while enjoying their welcome drinks prepared by one of the best luxury hotels in Sydney.


Roundtable session started at noon at Atelier restaurant by Sofitel and were facilitated by Hassan Baickdeli from Lenovo, Jim Cook from Malwarebytes and Tish Sharma from Virtunet at 3 separated tables. Over the delicious lunch served by the Sofitel hospitality team, attendees shared how their businesses are embracing the latest technologies while providing optimised user experience in a secured environment.


Majority of our guests are recognising the importance and benefits of digital transformation. Many of them are undertaking transformation and recognize the process can be challenging, such as the limitation of task-specific legacy systems and applications, and the mandatory compliance on industrial-specific standards.

Successful transformation also requires company-wide changes driven by a customer focus. In order to take full advantage of the transformation, every level of end-users in the business has to be digital-ready, not just the professionals in the IT department. Our guests believe that a new and more effective approach on end-user training is required for justifying the ROI.

Besides, the digital transformation is altering security needs in some fundamental ways, such as more areas for exploit, higher potential for damage, the vulnerability in cloud environment and the security process which can keep up with the technology changes. Fortunately, with today’s fast and simple deployment of multi-factor authentication and the maturity of biometric technologies including facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning, digital transformation is not an untouchable goal for organisations anymore.

Our 2-hour roundtable event were concluded by the closing speech from our facilitators, together with Virtunet’s giveaways and the lucky draw of the latest productivity gadgets for each table.

Thank you to everyone who attended Virtunet Roundtable 2019 and especially our sponsors – Lenovo, Malwarebytes, Riverbed and LogMeIn for bringing in this wonderful experience to our guests. We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we were hosting it in #MakingITawesome!



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