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Virtual Reality Realised. Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR

In a recent End-Of-Year event, Virtunet’s partners and clients were introduced to the Samsung Gear VR, a mobile virtual reality device designed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus VR.

This magnificent optical invention will take your video viewing experience to a whole new captivating level by launching you into an immersive virtual reality that features a 360-degrees surround viewing environment and lifelike vivid images!

It is fully compatible with the Samsung galaxy Note 4 or the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge smartphones, which acts as the Gear VR display & processing device, while the Gear VR unit itself is built-in with high-field of view lenses and a custom Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to track and report the rotation within the display content connected from the tablet/phone via micro-USB.

The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, relaunched in 2015, features the best in virtual reality viewing.


Samsung Gear VR 360 View

Easy Control Touchpad

An easy-to-use deep touchpad gives the end-users a seamless control over the device for optimal interactivity.

Exceptional Fit

The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition’s ergonomic design is optimised for comfortable viewing for end-users, with easy-grip rear strap that distributes the weight of the headset evenly across the head for maximum comfort for longer viewing sessions.

Long Usage Time

The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition is equipped with a Micro-USB port which can be powered directly using an external charger. The charger, which is sold separately, can be used to power up the Gear VR and the Samsung compatible device concurrently.

Integrated Cooling Fan

The integrated cooling fan built-in to the Gear VR prevents lens fogging to ensure clearest video playback and gameplay.

 Gear VR Content

The Gear VR has access to a myriad of captivating content provided by the Oculus Store, Oculus Cinema, VR Game and Oculus 360 Videos.

  • Oculus Store

Navigate the virtual world and select content with a combination of head movement and touch controls. Download fresh content from the Oculus store. New applications and in-app content will constantly show up sharing new, experiences with Gear VR Innovator Edition users.

  • Oculus Cinema

The official Cinema app from Oculus is like your own personal VR cinema. You can watch trailers, film clips, and other movie files in an amazing and immersive world; or you can choose from a range of exciting viewing settings, including home or multiscreen cinema – or even the surface of the moon!

  • VR Games

Take gaming to an exciting level with a fully immersive virtual reality experience. The Gear VR tracks your head motion and delivers images that will make you feel like you are actually inside the game. Connect with your Samsung Gamepad or other Android™ gaming controllers (each sold separately) for even more fun!

  • Oculus 360 Videos

The Official 360 Videos app from Oculus will transport you to wondrous landscapes both real and fantastic. Head off on a breathtaking helicopter ride, tour a superhero’s lair, stop by a futuristic sports arena – and even take a trip back in time!

To find out more about the Gear VR, click here.

Check out the below snaps of the exciting Gear VR LIVE Demonstration by Samsung at Virtunet’s most recent End of Year Celebrations!

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Samsung Gear VR DemoIMG_9307





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