Security and Authentication

Security is one of the most important aspect of any IT system; all it takes is one breach to cripple an entire IT infrastructure and bring your business to a grinding halt. A breach may not only affect revenue but also the reputation of your company and can even result in criminal liability. Security threats are always evolving which is why our security systems are constantly improving and adapting to meet emerging threats.


Virtunet integrates firewall, Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), intrusion prevention software, anti-virus software, content security & encryption software, ID access rights management and validation to create the most sophisticated network security solution possible.

Our goal is to give you the utmost confidence and complete peace of mind when it comes to the security of your LAN, WAN, Unified Communications, data and network storage.



Like antivirus, but smart

Using layers of technology like anomaly detection (a cool sort of artificial intelligence), behaviour matching, and application hardening to crush malware that hasn’t even been seen before.

Infected? We’ve got your back

The technology not only stops hackers and malware, but it cleans up an infected machine better than traditional antivirus.

Shuts down attacks from every angle

Visiting an infected website, accepting a call from a scammer, clicking a malicious link—these are just some of the ways you can get hacked. They shut down those attack vectors, and new ones as they pop up.

Bigger data, smarter protection

More than 4 million threats detected or blocked by Malwarebytes every day.

More than 93 million scans by Malwarebytes every month.

290,000+ installations of Malwarebytes technology every day


As well as providing intrusion and virus prevention software, Virtunet has collaborated with the highly recognised network security and encryption specialist, RSA. With RSA’s support, Virtunet is now capable of providing our clients with the best of authentication technology – RSA SecurID.

RSA SecurID is a security mechanism, using a two-factor authentication system to authorise a user’s access to a network resource. The RSA SecurID technology is installed in a hardware mechanism – a token – which is assigned to the end-user. The token generates a randomised authentication code whenever the end-user attempts to access to the secured network. The end-user will be able to use this authentication code in conjunction with their PIN/personal password to access the network.

Virtunet’s security and authentication partners include Cisco, Check Point, Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, Trend Micro, WatchGuard, RSA and several others.


Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment
Managed Security Services
Security Architecture Assessment


Integrated security solutions for maximum protection
Prevent data leakage
Infrastructure security
Secure mobile access
Prevent revenue loss through security breaches
Access a wide selection of security services from premium security partners

Log in and go

Once you save a password in LastPass, you’ll always have it when you need it; logging in is fast and easy.

Generate strong passwords

The built-in password generator creates long, randomized passwords that protect against hacking.

Share effortlessly

Some things shouldn’t be sent in a text. Conveniently and safely share passwords and notes with anyone.

Simplify online shopping

When you’re ready to make a purchase, your profile will fill all your payment and shipping details for you.

Store digital records

Insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords… keep all your notes safe and easy to find.

Prepare for the unknown

Let trusted friends and family access your LastPass account in the event of an emergency or crisis.


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