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Are you ready for the Squid Game?

Have you watched the Squid Game? If you haven’t that’s totally okay – next best thing you can check out is Virtunet’s end of year Squid Game event below!

On November 19th 2021, Virtunet partnered up with AMD, Cisco, Google, Lenovo and Targus to host an unforgettable, fun-filled night on the Clearview Glass Cruise. We were joined by over 30 clients to discover the beautiful evening sights of Sydney Harbour and explore the top range of innovative technology offered by leading IT brands.

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(This event was conducted on 19th November 2021. Virtunet followed all COVID-19 guidelines and regulations provided by the NSW government at this time.)

Customers were able to get hands-on at 5 different interactive stations on the cruise, discovering a range of modern collaboration tools, high performance laptops and processors, and stylish bags and cases, to support innovative business growth moving into 2022. Some great merch was also available, thanks to our partners!

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As per true Virtunet tradition, we made sure to bring the fun on the night – becoming talk of the town. We introduced 5 unique games inspired by the hit Korean Netflix Series – Squid Game. To first break the ice, fancy a game of ddakji? Hold a square card in your hand and throw it down to successfully flip another square card that’s placed on the ground. We found this was quite a challenge but definitely worth a try!

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After a game of ddakji, we entered the main Squid Game of the night. 4 different rounds were prepared and would be played in elimination style. Ladies and gents, place your glasses to the side and please enter the game arena!

First round we had was the Red Light Green Light Game, with the robotic doll watching your every move. Make sure you’re quick to get across the finish line but don’t move when the doll turns to look at you. She might look sweet but no cheating, running or moving when the doll looks – otherwise you might be eliminated and won’t be forgiven!

Second round we had the Jenga Pass Challenge which involved two teams racing against time to remove one jenga piece each and pass along their stack one player at a time. Be strategic and be meticulous. Watch your competitor’s pace. You don’t want your stack to collapse and you also don’t want to be too slow or your team is out!

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Third round was a marble game played in pairs. Each player received a bag of marbles. The goal is to successfully guess whether your opponent had an odd or even number of marbles hidden in their hands. If you guessed correctly, you take your opponent’s marbles. If you guessed incorrectly, you have to hand over the same number of marbles to your opponent. You win if you manage to collect all your opponent’s marbles!

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Finally, our decider round was the famous Dalgona candy game! Our 5 lucky survivors each received a tin with Dalgona candy inside, imprinted with a unique shape. Our players had to carefully use a needle to remove the shape from the tin – without breaking the shape! The first contestant to do so successfully would be crowned our winner of the night…

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Find out who that was and check out all the fun of the night in the video below:

A huge thank you to all our AWESOME guests for attending Virtunet’s Squid Game inspired event! It would not have been possible without our fantastic partners- AMD, Cisco, Google, Lenovo and Targus. Thank you to all and let’s continue to make IT Awesome!



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