Surface Pro 5 For Business

The Surface Pro 5: 4 Features Businesses Will Love

Microsoft will release The Surface Pro 5 Tablet in early 2017 and there are already plenty of whisperings in the tech world about the specs and features of the new device. While these rumours are currently largely unconfirmed, it sounds like the Surface Pro 5 will be a must-have for businesses. With the growing popularity of end-user computing, businesses are increasingly requesting devices that offer complete mobility and flexibility without compromising on usability. The Surface Pro 5 is answering this demand and stepping up their offering to compete with Apple products. The new model is also expected to address many of the shortcomings of the Surface Pro 4. Here’s four of the anticipated Surface Pro 5 features that businesses are going to love.

1. Improved Battery Life and Charging

The most commonly reported issue with the Surface Pro 4 is the battery life, which hovers around 5 hours of video, rather than the promised 9 hours. The Surface Pro 5 will address this issue to make the device comparable to its main competitor, the MacBook.  The battery life will be boosted by at least 30% to allow almost a full work day’s usage without needing to recharge. It is also likely that the Surface Pro 5 will feature a USB Type-C to allow for much faster charging.

2. Pre-loaded with New Operating System

As Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system in 2017, the Surface Pro will be one of the first devices to come preloaded with it. The new system, Windows 10 RedStone 2, contains plenty of fixes and a few new features. For example, the new software allows you to hide the App list in the Start Menu and edit the Active Hours. Gesture and click detection precision have also been improved for smoother navigation.

3. Larger Screen

The Surface Pro 5 will probably have a slightly larger screen than the 12.3-inch Surface Pro 4. The new screen will extend to 13.3 inches, making it more appropriate for use during meetings or group brainstorms.

4. Rechargeable Stylus

It looks like the new Surface Pro will feature a rechargeable battery system for their stylus. This will mean that the stylus can be charged through a magnetic charging dock and there will be no need to replace the battery. This will prevent the awkwardness of a stylus running out of battery during an important meeting or presentation, as you can constantly top up the charge.

Sourcing The Surface Pro 5 For Your Business

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Virtunet will be the go-to supplier for Surface Pro 5 purchases once the device is released. Stay ahead of the IT curve and chat to Virtunet’s Corporate team today to discover the best technology solutions for your business. Call us on 1300 484 788 or fill out our enquiry form.





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