Virtunet is an Approved Supplier of SCM0020 & LGP for NSW Government

Virtunet is now accredited to supply ICT Services to Australia NSW Government customers, in accordance with the ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020) Rules.

SCM0020 scheme is a mandatory whole-of-government arrangement by which suppliers deliver ICT services to NSW Government. Virtunet is a prequalified supplier that will assist the government with their various ICT requirements.

In the last 4 years, Virtunet is already an approved supplier on LGP (Local Government Procurement). This means that all brands and products distributed by Virtunet can be purchased by councils and government departments in NSW without going through the tender process.

Virtunet is uniquely positioned to provide competitive pricing on a variety of brands and products due to the high level of partnership we have with our vendors, ranging from hardware, software, cloud services and remote working solutions.

Our sales team is continuously trained on vendor programs and have gained multiple certifications that allows us to gain the highest level of pricing discounts, resources and services.

Contact the Virtunet Government Team today at to get a same day quote!



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